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Our Value Proposition
Software Product Engineering Services
From ideation to deployment and ongoing support, our Software Product Engineering Services cover the full software development lifecycle. Refined visions, thorough testing, and expert development ensure your product’s success in a dynamic market.
Product Deployment and DevOps

Our experts deploy software, optimize performance, and set up CI/CD pipelines.

Maintenance and Support

We offer ongoing software support, maintenance, and enhancements based on user feedback, market trends, and changing business needs

Our AI Services in Products and Services
Empower your products with AI through our AI Product Enablement Services. From defining precise use cases and model training to seamless integration and continuous improvement, we elevate your offerings with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, deep learning architectures, natural language processing models, computer vision models, and more. 
AI Use Cases

Defining AI Use Cases. Once the user needs are understood, we define specific AI use cases that align with those needs. This could involve tasks such as data analysis, prediction, personalization, automation, and more.

Model Training and Evaluation

Feeding relevant data to AI models, optimizing performance through techniques like hyperparameter tuning, and rigorously evaluating the models for accuracy and effectiveness.

Data Collection and Management

Establishing methods for collecting high-Quality data, creating storage infrastructure, and implementing data management practices to ensure availability of relevant and reliable data for AI model training.

Integration and Deployment

Integrating AI models into the product's architecture or infrastructure, including building APIs or SDKs for seamless deployment across platforms and systems.

Machine Learning and Algorithms

Depending on the use cases, appropriate AI models need to be selected or developed. This might involve machine learning algorithms, deep learning architectures, natural language processing models, computer vision models, and more.

Continuous Improvement

Monitoring and updating AI models to adapt to changing data patterns and improve performance over time. Utilizing feedback loops, user feedback, and monitoring systems for iterative development and identifying areas for improvement.

Client Testimonials

Paul Madarasz COO - HubSync

We are pleased to have NexGen as a long term software development partner for HubSync. They have helped us to build an industry leading team with top notch talent and execution – allowing us to scale rapidly as our business expands. Their entire organization is fully committed to our success in every interaction and their near-shore capability and time-zone affinity are essential elements for our business success. The deep pool of talent, strong education systems, and cultural affinity with the United States have helped to solidify Colombia as a location for building out a multi-faceted operation for HubSync.

Osvaldo Montelongo Founder & CEO - Connect Care Hero

As a rapidly growing company, it is great to be able to count with the NexGen team for our development & strategy development goals. They are fast, reliable, and very professional yet very personal. They get to know your business intimately and genuinely want you to succeed. We have been working together from our early days and, now that we are a VC-backed company, we still plan to work with their amazing team.

Nathaniel Wingfield Associate VP, Enterprise Application Development
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

DHG recently engaged NexGen for agile QA services. Their team worked well alongside DHG and provided real value within a limited timeframe. They have a well-defined methodology and the right people to execute.

logo testimonio4 grapefruit
Eric Alvarez CEO & Founder
Grapefruit Health

As a startup in the United States, getting to a working MVP can be extremely challenging from both a navigation and cost perspective. NexGen changed all of that for us and made it a "dream come true" process. We were assigned an incredible product/project manager who was an excellent communicator and really held our hand throughout the design and scoping. For a fraction of the cost and time, we achieved exactly what we set out to do and more! We plan to work with NexGen for years to come